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Iepson Consulting Enterprises, Inc. (ICE) has performed work for utilities, test laboratories, manufacturers, architect-engineering firms, consulting and service companies, industry organizations, and the NRC. ICE has performed these services in the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe.

o Entergy Operations, Inc. (ANO, Waterford 3, River Bend, Grand Gulf)
o Entergy Nuclear Northeast (IPEC2, IPEC3, JAF, Pilgrim, VY, Palisades)
o Arizona Public Service (PVNGS)
o Nuclear Management Company (PBNP1, PBNP2, PINGP1, PINGP2, Palisades, Monticello)
o Xcel Energy (Monticello)
o Pacific Gas and Electric (DCPP1, DCPP2)
o Exelon (Peach Bottom 2 and 3, LaSalle 1 and 2, Braidwood 1 and 2, Byron 1 and 2, TMI-1, Limerick 1 and 2)
o PSEG Nuclear (Hope Creek)
o Scientech
o Florida Power and Light (St. Lucie)
o Progress Energy (BNP, RNP, CR3)
o Union Electric (Callaway)
o Entergy Nuclear Inc.
o Constellation Nuclear Services (CCNPP1 CCNPP2, NMP1, NMP2)
o Rochester Gas and Electric (Ginna)
o Nuklearna Electrarna Krsko (Krsko)
o Southern California Edison (SONGS2, SONGS3)
o Portland General Electric (Trojan)
o Parsons Power (Millstone2, Millstone3, RBS)
o Contech (CNS, Pickering, Bruce, Darlington)
o Naderi Engineering (NMP, CCNPP)
o Martin-Sigmon (PBNP)
o Electric Power Research Institute (many)
o Nuclear Regulatory Commission (many)
o Franklin Research Center (Alto Lazio, Cerene)
o Schneider Engineers (IP2, IP3, BVPS, Ginna)
o GLS, Inc.
o Westinghouse
o Anoba Consulting
o Electrobras Termonuclear Brazil (Angra-1)
o Korea Electric Power Research Institute
o Korea Electric Power Company
o System Design and Development Company
o Korea Power Services
o Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Company (Wolf Creek)
o Dominion Generation (Kewaunee, Surry, North Anna)
o Southern Company (Hatch)
o First Energy (Fermi-2, Beaver Valley 1 and 2)
o American Electric Power (DC Cook 1 and 2)
o Nebraska Public Power District (Cooper)